Delight Productions provides corporations with different options based on your needs. Whether you are planning internal meetings or marketing external events, delight productions offers a customized solution to fit the need. If your corporation is ready to increase sales and build revenue, hiring delight productions should be at the top of your list. Everything from the red carpet to product launches will be opportunities to market your corporation. For outsiders looking in, it may seem as though you are simply throwing a party. However, in reality, you are creating a strong backbone for your corporation. Once you decide that this is the direction your corporation needs to go, you can then contact us to join your team as the planner.We know and understand the industry and want you to have a successful event. Everything from the caterer to the sound and technical equipment will be filtered through us.

Delight Productions consultants work with clients every step of the way through the planning process, taking your personal vision and translating it into an elegant and inspired event. We are a full-service wedding and event planning firm, dedicated to delivering only the highest quality product and customer experience. Let the experience and expertise of our wedding planners work to your benefit. Our customized wedding consulting services range from a one-time consultation to planning the entire ceremony, from menu to venue. We do the worrying, so you don't have to. So the perfectly crafted centerpieces, the incredible wedding venue, the amazing photography that you see on SMP every day will not only simply inspire you, it just might be the perfect something that you can actually replicate and make your own.