Executive director

Pegah has a degree in Computer Programming, as well as a diploma in Project Management. Once completing this education, Pegah pursued her passion: event planning. She completed a diploma in Event Planning, and co-founded Delight Productions. Her wide range of education and experience has made her a well-rounded and capable event planner and consultant. She has diverse and direct experience, with a concrete understanding of both client needs, and media interests.

Pegah has planned a number of successful, luxurious events over the last three years, tailoring them specifically to her client’s needs. She was raised to remember that no dream is a “pipe dream” – all can be accomplished if you put your mind into it. Each event that Pegah gets involved with is special to her and she brings to it the highest level of professionalism, with a special focus on detail. Co-founding Delight Productions has been a dream come true to Pegah, and she looks forward to pursuing this new, exciting career.

Pegah Ramezani